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Spiritual Warfare of the Mind: Get Equipped!

A coach is a guide through enemy territory. Whenever we find ourselves struggling with negative thinking, with anger, with lust, with vice of all kinds, it’s because the Enemy has been let into the terrain of your mind and is on mission to take it as his own.

Perhaps you have heard that the battle for souls is real – that it’s going on around us even though we cannot see it. Perhaps, when you see good and evil in the world this is believable to you, but did you know that first and foremost, that battle is taking place within your mind?

Your mind is the real battleground where the two really clash! We think a nasty thought – we can reject that! We go down a spiral of hopeless thinking – we can renounce that! We assume that we know what another person is thinking – we can pronounce Truth over the notion that we do not have that ability to know another’s mind nor the authority to take as fact what is not!

We fight evil with Good, with prayer, with Scripture, with the Truths of Divine Revelation and Catholic tradition!

That is the beauty of Catholic Mindset Coaching. Because its method is based on the Catholic anthropology of the human mind, both physical and spiritual, we know the Enemy’s tactics and we know how to combat them. We know how to identify when a thought or an image that comes to mind is not of God. We have been taught how to take someone through rejection, repentance, renunciation and forgiveness. We know how to identify the danger and bring you through the other side with the help of God’s grace.

How can I claim that? Because the Father of Lies speaks just that way – in lies. In thoughts –  Sentences in your mind that aren’t true but laced with traces of accuracy so that they seem believable. The immense value of a Catholic mindset coach is not having someone listen to your problems, it is that in listening to your problems, we can identify where the Father of Lies is using the power of your mind to try to poison your soul.

We all need help to see it. We all get tripped up. Evil is not smarter than God, but it can often outsmart us.

Get coached.

Invite someone into your thoughts.

Clean up the terrain and sharpen your defenses. Whether or not you take action, the fight is on.

Equip yourself!