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Thoughts from Above the Clouds

On a recent flight, I overheard a flight attendant talking to a passenger about studying for his pilot’s license. He was explaining the next stage of his training: flying in cloudy weather. “Because it’s not always clear skies,” he chuckled. “But when you first learn, they only let you fly in clear weather.”

It struck me that his words were an analogy for life.

For most of us, we only want to fly in clear weather: the conditions have to be just right for us to take off and soar.

But what if we could train ourselves to fly in the clouds?

What if we accepted that the weather isn’t always going to be clear, but that doesn’t mean we have to be grounded?

For me, mindset coaching helps me train for cloudy mental weather.

It’s a way to know where I’m going even if my interior vision is impaired and the way seems unclear.

Navigating my own mind takes skill, and I can’t do it well without consistent training. But with these tools and some experience, dark, cloudy thoughts can’t keep me grounded. I’ll navigate them confidently and soar through, because I’ll know the sun is just beyond them.