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Our Live Speakers and Interactive Workshops are aimed at getting your team excited, aligned, and supporting the mission by doing the things they do best.


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From Faithful to Life-changing Coaches

“If I had learned some of the techniques taught by Metanoia Catholic in my early twenties, I might have avoided my own dark years of depression and anxiety.”

Michael Dill
Missionary, The Emmaus Journey

“Matt and Erin have brought together some of the finest and most effective thinking on human excellence ever compiled into one book. It is clear, intelligent, and supremely practical.”

Dr. Gregory Bottaro
Director of the CatholicPsych Institute

“Change is the result of inspiration and discipline. Metanoia Catholic’s journal provides the structure and insight to jump start spiritual transformation.”

Father Ian Vanheusen
Founder, Art of Living Well, Inc.
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Matt & Erin's workshop greatly improved team dynamics and self-awareness, fostering deeper understanding among all members."

Thalia m.
Asst. Soccer Coach, Ave Maria University
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Attending these workshops greatly benefited our young adults in self-discovery and mission readiness, while also improving their understanding of God's guidance in their lives.

Fr. Michael Zimmerman
Asst. Vocation Director, Archdiocese of Boston
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Our only regret was not scheduling this sooner and for a little longer time on retreat.

Matthew irwin
Dir. of Faith Formation, St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church
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