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How it all started

Having been students of the secular personal development world for years, we couldn’t deny the growth that came through setting goals, taking custody of the mind, and growing in practical virtue.

But as Catholics, we often found the secular personal development world to be a challenging minefield of self-referencing and New Age thinking that removed God from the equation of personal growth.

We wanted to create a place for Catholics to experience the benefits of good coaching without the fear of being subtly led astray by techniques and ideals that were contrary to the Catholic Faith.

This desire gave birth to Metanoia Catholic.

At Metanoia Catholic, we ground our coaching and coach training in a firm Catholic understanding of who the human person is. By adhering to a sound Catholic anthropology, a Thomistic understanding of Psychology, Sacred Scripture, and the unique tools of our Catholic Faith, we help our clients prayerfully realign their goals and interior life to God’s unique plan for their thriving. When you coach in line with God’s design, it makes all the difference!

Furthermore, we believe that every person has a unique design by God that is perfectly suited for his plan for their life. Our goal is to help our clients discern and claim that unique design and order it towards the service of God’s kingdom.

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Imagine a Church full of people actively living God’s plan for their life. This is the legacy we want to leave our daughter, and the vision that drives us on a daily basis.

“There is nothing better to display the truth in an excellent light, than a clear and simple statement of facts.”  – Saint Benedict, Abbot

A person's hand in a field of wheat.

Addressing a poverty of human formation

In an information rich environment, we have the answers to most questions about doctrine and Catholicism at our fingertips. But, with all of this information readily available, why are so many Catholics still walking away from the Church?

We certainly need intellectual formation, but the true crisis of our times is a lack of human formation. In his 1992 Apostolic Exhortation, Pastores Dabo Vobis, Pope St. John Paul II introduced a need for human formation.

Why? Because we’ve forgotten what it means to be human.

In this crisis, our hearts are more like the hardened path in the parable of the sower than that of the rich fertile soil.

It’s only when we understand what it means to live according to God’s plan for human thriving that the seeds of intellectual truth can take root in our hearts. This is the hour for more laborers tilling the interior soil. Human formation is the art of helping another cultivate their interior life and live by God’s design for human thriving so that truth can take root and His grace may build upon a healthy natural foundation.

At Metanoia Catholic, we have witnessed the transformative and fruitful impacts of Catholic coaching and its ability to address the urgent need for human formation. Our approach helps people rightly order their consciences, grow in affective maturity, and direct their will towards virtuous ends. This builds a firm foundation for intellectual and spiritual maturation in the Sacramental life of the Church.

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Bringing it all together.

Erin and Matt Ingold combine their individual experiences in life coaching with their shared deep Catholic faith to form a unique program focused on the whole person. Each aspect of Metanoia Catholic seeks to transform individuals so they can enjoy greater faith, professional goals and personal experiences. Erin and Matt believe in helping each person discover and choose their greatest calling in life.

The Metanoia Team