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Catholic Certified Coach

Abby Dufrene

General Life Coach
Catholic Certified Coach

Abby Dufrene

About Abby

Hey y’all! I'm Abby Dufrene. I live in south Louisiana with my husband. I have four children (one on the way and one in Heaven). I'm a Certified Catholic Coach through Metanoia Catholic and am pursuing my certification as a CliftonStrengths coach through the Human Formation Coalition. I also serve as a Drill Instructor for coaches in training and as the Director of Mission Expansion for Metanoia Catholic.

Work with Abby

As a Catholic Coach, I coach in line with God's design for human thriving. I utilize authentically Catholic strategies to help each client with individualized coaching. The tools I'll teach you can be applied to any challenge in your life. Through coaching, you will discover how God is using these challenges to draw you deeper into relationship, grow stronger in grace, and prepare you for heaven while advancing His kingdom on earth.