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Catholic Certified Coach

Dr. Carron Silva

General Life Coach
Catholic Certified Coach

Dr. Carron Silva

About Carron

Hello! I'm Dr. Carron Silva, wife, mom, Certified Metanoia Catholic Mindset Coach, podcaster, and speaker. Have you ever wished that you could forgive someone and move on, but somehow you keep getting stuck in the memory of the offense? That's because forgiveness is a life skill, not just a passing thought. I help women heal emotional trauma and teach forgiveness as a life skill.

Work with Carron

At some point in an abuse survivor's life, she will realize that therapy is no longer getting her to the interior freedom she wants to have, and that is where the work of forgiveness begins. I spent over 30 years in various therapeutic modalities and it wasn't until I did forgiveness work that I experienced true healing. Through various integrative approaches such as Catholic mindset coaching, life skill building, prayer, and somatic practice, I help women cultivate a heart that is ready to let go and let God. God is the healer, I am His instrument.