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Catholic Certified Coach

Dr. Eve Rosno

General Life Coach
Catholic Certified Coach

Dr. Eve Rosno

About Dr. Eve

Hi, I'm Dr. Eve. I’m a Catholic psychologist and Certified Catholic Coach living in Nebraska with my husband, 4 kids and our cavapoo Cosmo. One of my favorite things is helping women get unstuck and move past the past so they can live with the peace and purpose God intended. I love guiding women as they move from critical and condemning (of themselves and others) to curious and compassionate.

Work with Dr. Eve

Today’s world is filled with messages that fuel comparison and criticism and lead women away from our true identity as daughters of God. We are pushed towards ‘success’ and ‘happiness’ in the here and now, rather than embracing and learning from both the ups and downs in our life. As Catholics, we know our true home is Heaven and that suffering is part of the journey. But we’re not always equipped with the tools to navigate that messy, difficult path. Often we’re left to suffer alone inside while putting on a happy face for the world. From the outside (or social media), our lives look perfect - but we’re still feeling empty, anxious, angry, or unhappy and find ourselves repeating the same negative thoughts and behaviors over and over again day after day. But take heart, it doesn’t have to be so hard. You can create a deeply fulfilling, joyful life of peace - even amidst trials and suffering. Coaching can help you uncover the patterns keeping you stuck, create new healthy patterns, and focus on the path forward. As a psychologist and coach (as well as a Catholic wife and mom on this journey myself), I’m uniquely qualified to guide you through the difficult challenges of personal growth while keeping your eyes on the ultimate prize - eternity in Heaven.