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Catholic Certified Coach

Elizabeth Foss

General Life Coach
Health & Wellness
Catholic Certified Coach

Elizabeth Foss

About Elizabeth

Hey, there! I'm Elizabeth Foss. I live in central Connecticut in a very old house with my husband and a few of my nine kids. I'm passionate about living a healthy life in all four spheres: body, mind, soul, and spirit. I'm certified as a Catholic mindset coach through Metanoia Catholic and as an integrative wellness nutrition coach. I am wholeheartedly committed to helping you live your abundant life.

Work with Elizabeth

Do you feel like you're trying to live an authentic Catholic life alone? Do you long for friendship, support, and encouragement? I've created a place for you (and for me)! Take up community, scripture, prayer, and coaching with me. In a world where social media seems to deplete community instead of enhancing it, this collective of wholehearted women has chosen something different. We walk together in intentional friendship and accompaniment, wholeheartedly hand-in-hand with Christ. We dive deep into scripture every week so that we are constantly reminded who we are and whose we are. Then, practical in-depth workshops help us hone personal development and relationship skills. We chat books together and keep our minds buzzing. Still want more support and clarification? Once-a-week coaching is a place to learn and grow with expert and personal guidance. This is not temporary. It’s not a limited-time course. This is ongoing friendship and support for as long as you like. Come join us! It won’t be the same without you.