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Catholic Certified Coach

Elizabeth Saenz

General Life Coach
Catholic Certified Coach

Elizabeth Saenz

About Elizabeth

Hey, there! I’m Elizabeth Saenz. I am a Pennsylvania farm girl married to a Texas boy, and we've got four kids ranging from 8 to 2 years old. I graduated from Franciscan University of Steubenville in 2010, and I am a certified Catholic coach through Metanoia Catholic. My passion is marriage, and I particularly love coaching driven, Choleric women through their struggles with their passive, Phlegmatic husbands. If you're looking for a calm, serious coach, you probably shouldn't call me - I'm Sanguine, and laughing is my favorite.

Work with Elizabeth

I founded Tabor Vision coaching to help Catholic women rediscover their husbands. You remember the incredible guy you fell in love with? The one who used to give you butterflies when you saw his name pop up on your phone? He’s still in there. He’s just buried under years of disappointment, miscommunication, and frustration. Through coaching and my knowledge of the Temperaments, I'll help you find him again. You’re not powerless. You just need a few new tools, and an excavating buddy. ❤️