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Catholic Certified Coach

Hannah Dustman

General Life Coach
Catholic Certified Coach

Hannah Dustman

About Hannah

I'm Hannah! I'm a single 20-something, seeking to live life to its fullest in Kansas City. Through my experiences of serving the Church, I have uncovered great joy in helping others discern the origin of their desires and find clues for getting "unstuck". I joined the team at Metanoia Catholic as the Director of Client Engagement in 2021, after serving three years as a FOCUS Missionary at the University of Illinois. Soon after, I became a Certified Catholic Coach, and have since pursued additional formation through the Theology of the Body Institute, the GIVEN Institute and have been trained as a CliftonStrengths Coach by the Human Formation Coalition.

Work with Hannah

I empower women to value themselves beyond their relationship status, set healthy & holy standards, and build confidence TODAY. By overcoming contraceptive attitudes that are dooming relationships, naming & directing desires without judgment & learning to embrace complementarity in relationships, I teach women how to break free from obsessive thinking about their future spouse, embrace meaningful connections & become more attractive to men!

I am passionate about helping women:

  • To name and direct their desire for a relationship - without judgment, shame, or fear,
  • To stop allowing their relationship status to define their self-worth,
  • Become more confident in their own skin by identifying their unique strengths and weaknesses and embracing complementarity in relationship,
  • Break free from obsessive thinking about their future spouse,
  • Overcome contraceptive attitudes that are dooming their relationships – sometimes even before they start!

I will teach you the same skills that I learned to stop waiting for a relationship to live a purposeful life!