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Catholic Certified Coach

Jane Snyder

General Life Coach
Health & Wellness
Catholic Certified Coach

Jane Snyder

About Jane

Hello! I'm Jane Snyder, Steve's wife for 37 years, a mom of 6, the Founder and CEO of Wisdom Wellness Coaching, a trained Billings Ovulation Method instructor, and a Certified Metanoia Catholic mindset coach. My clients, friends, and fellow coaches lovingly call me Mama Jane, as my gift to the world is to mother to everyone.

Work with Jane

I realized that while I can teach a young woman or a couple the concept of Natural Family Planning and how to practice it, each client's thoughts are the key to success. This is my unique coaching style: learning our bodies through charting and our interior life through coaching. My Uniquely Beautiful You coaching program is a transformative journey designed to empower all women, helping them embrace their unique beauty and live their best lives. I also have a program called The Catholic Way To Navigate Menopause Through Grace, a one-to-one coaching program for peri/post-menopausal women to draw out and refine the wisdom within them.