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Catholic Certified Coach

Kylie Hein

Time & Productivity
Catholic Certified Coach

Kylie Hein

About Kylie

Hey all! I'm Kylie. I buy way too many books, am allergic to lettuce, and enjoy small town farm life. I am on a personal mission to bring souls back to Christ through prayer. I am a personal development junkie and LOVE incorporating my teaching, ministry, athletics and spiritual direction backgrounds into my coaching. I am Certified Catholic Coach through Metanoia Catholic and belong to the Catholic Coaches Coalition. The temperaments are my superpower and daily mental prayer is the non-negotiable start to my day!

Work with Kylie

You know how you were created to do something incredible in this life, but all of day-to-day stuff seems to get in the way? You wake up feeling ready to take on the world, yet lie in bed all night with your mind reeling about all of the unfinished possibilities. This leaves you feeling frustrated as a high-achiever who starts every day at ground zero. The kids need taken care of, you have a million things on your to-do list, there is never enough time to get everything done, and you find yourself growing resentful with the less ambitious individuals you're surrounded by. You desire to serve, to be recognized for making an impact, and you want the best of the best. I know this world all too well! I help high-achieving Catholics, just like you, learn to get more done with confidence and clarity. Utilizing the tools of mindset coaching and discernment, I will I am going to help you get clear on exactly where you are going, and if you commit to the challenge, I will ensure that you get there. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit I will teach you to embrace your God given temperament and state of life, to bring God’s light into the world in a bold and courageous way. When you work with me, you learn how to do more, by showing up different. Embrace your God-given drive for greatness, without losing your mind on the journey.