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Catholic Certified Coach

Michelle Dunne

General Life Coach
Parts-Informed Strengths
Catholic Certified Coach

Michelle Dunne

About Michelle

I am a people-connecting, deep-thinking coach committed to helping Catholic women help themselves courageously rediscover their unique voice, revive relationships, and live from a place of inner freedom and peace. My favorite paths are Clifton Strengths and Catholic Parts Work with some boundaries and attachment sprinkled in. When not coaching, I like to keep up with my large extended family, Zentangle, paddle board, water ski, garden, dance in the kitchen, read, and ponder purposeful connections. The brave but reluctant St Hildegard and Our Lady Undoer of Knots are my spiritual confidants.

Work with Michelle

I am a beloved little daughter of the King- a realization that fully unfolded in my 50s. I am committed to facilitating that profound self-awareness in other women so they can name the longing in their hearts to be seen, known, heard, and unconditionally loved. Many women grapple with articulating our hopes, desires, and the unique contributions we bring to our relationships in the workplace and at home. They often find themselves expending energy to meet others' expectations, leaving them drained and disconnected from their authentic selves. Parts-informed strengths work is a shortcut to the kind of self-awareness that invites compassionate curiosity about all of our relationships; to self, to God, and others, increasing our capacity for strong healthy interactions, more energy to BE who we are, and the confidence God intends for us to have to embrace His calling.