Emotional Resilience Coach, Restorative Storywork Strategist

While I’m a general mindset coach who is trained to help out with a number of different needs, I specialize in helping women have their emotions instead of letting their emotions have them.

Emotional Resilience Coach, Restorative Storywork Strategist

Emily Adams


Hi, I'm Emily! I live in Nashville, TN with my husband and family. We have 10 children—4 on earth, 6 interceding in heaven. Navigating grief after baby loss sparked my passion for learning all I can about emotional and healing work.

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I specialize in navigating women through challenges. I empower you to face profound emotions and guide you to solace and renewal by creating space for Christ’s boundless love and mercy. Together, we explore your story to find connections and develop a personalized spiritual battle plan to tackle future challenges with resilience. This approach opens your heart to profound peace by aligning your journey with the transformative love of God.

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