Weight-loss & Transformation Strategist, Healing & Restoration Coach

While I’m a general mindset coach who is trained to help out with a number of different needs, I specialize in helping Catholic women who are struggling with weight-loss, body image, or identity lies transform their lives finding restoration and healing.


Maggie Wright


Hi, I am Maggie Wright, OFS. I live in Central Ohio with my husband Eric, and 7 children. I had my own personal healing and transformation journey where God completely transformed my life and I lost 159 lbs. I am a certified Catholic Coach through Metanoia Catholic, and a PN1 Certified Nutrition Coach. Through JP II Healing Center I attended Healing the Whole Person, Unveiled, and Unbound. My journey had also led me through Unbound and Encounter Ministries. 

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So many women struggle with weight-loss, body image, and identity lies leaving them eating their emotions, trying all sorts of diets, or spending countless dollars on pills and the latest “as seen on TV” quick fix. In the end they are left piling on the pounds, drained, and disillusioned feeling like they will never lose weight or feel good in their own skin. I’ve been there and I know I can help you. I was so tired of feeling defeated and hopeless. Through a wholistic approach that addresses your relationship with God, mindset, and wellbeing along with habit change science, I know I can help you find the healing and restoration needed to not only achieve your weight-loss, see yourself as the beautiful daughter of Christ you are, but to transform your life for good. Come and see what the Lord has for you! You were Made for More!

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