Healing and Relationship Coach

While I’m a general mindset coach who is trained to help out with a number of different needs, I specialize in helping people who are afraid of commitment overcome doubt and achieve greater peace and confidence in their relationship.

Healing and Relationship Coach

Megan Mohan


Hi! My name is Megan and I live in Philadelphia with my husband, Colin, and two children, Lucy and John. I graduated with a Psychology degree from Franciscan University in 2009, and since then have received several professional trainings regarding the healing of the whole person - Unbound ministry, John Paul II Healing Center, Theology of the Body Institute. In 2022, I got my certification as a Catholic Mindset Coach from Metanoia Catholic and am honored to be a resident coach!

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I am passionate about helping others overcome pervasive doubt or despair in their healthy and loving relationships. Oftentimes people enter into a relationship that is good and holy but still find that they are disappointed and afraid that they are in the “wrong relationship” or that they have “made a mistake.” The negative soundtrack can wreak havoc by fueling the “grass is greener” syndrome and inevitably lie to people about their fiance or spouse. I help people break free from this type of disappointment, doubt and confusion. I’ve created a coaching experience that will teach you how to break up with that “fantasy partner,” see your spouse through a likable lens, and despise the grass is greener syndrome. I will teach you how to stop criticizing your partner and relationship and grow in love and joy instead. I will also help you heal from past mindsets that are keeping you stuck and focused on the negativity and lack, so that you can be filled with gratitude and confidence for your current relationship or marriage.

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