Resilience Coach in Work & Ministry; Spiritual Warfare Strategist Coach

While I’m a general mindset coach who is trained to help out with a number of different needs, I specialize in helping people who serve God in their workplace/ministry... overcome feelings of hopelessness, pessimism, incompetence, burnout, worry, so they can make an impact with resiliency, confidence, excitement, passion and fervor!

* Spanish, Portuguese, English

Resilience Coach in Work & Ministry; Spiritual Warfare Strategist Coach

Nuve Brambila


My name is Nuve from Boston, MA. I speak Spanish and Portuguese. I graduated with a Psychology degree.

I am certified in Crisis Counseling and intervened at crime scenes for victims, and worked post-trauma with patients in a psychiatric hospital. I have years of experience in healing and deliverance ministry and now am a Missionary in Shalom Catholic Community, a newly recognized vocation in the Catholic Church, I travel internationally for retreats giving talks to evangelize young adults using the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I am also a passionate Student Mentor at CatholicPsych Institute, accompanying people with a full Catholic psychology, spirituality, & anthropology integration. I also have a significant amount of experience in the corporate world in managing a business, and working in the human resources area knowing the challenges of work-life balance, resiliency and the importance of developing competency in the career field which is why as Certified Catholic Coach I accompany people to overcome these challenges and to make a significant impact in their mission.

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You know how _people serving God in their career and ministry struggle with overwhelm, feelings of incompetence, hopelessness & burnout. They have tried to pump themselves up. It feels like a burden and a battle to go into work. They feel like God is not showing up & that they aren’t making a difference, they’ve even started to question their call.

But What if.. there is.. hope? and a light at the end of the tunnel?

Many of us were taught how to do the work tasks when serving God, but not many of us were taught how to navigate the Spiritual battle that encompasses serving God in our workplace and ministry, the thoughts and lies and internal battles we face at work.

As a Catholic Coach, businesswoman in my career and missionary with solid experience in the healing and deliverance ministry & in overcoming the spiritual battle in serving God in my unique call in ministry and the workforce.

I have learned the spiritual warfare strategies and solutions that have helped me and other clients overcome the obstacles, to keep one re-ignited with confidence, hope, excitement, joy, and perseverance to create impact in one’s work with fervor and passion!

I’ve created a coaching journey that is personalized to your unique battle to become victorious and make an impact, I will help you:

  • Discover and identify the lies that are blocking your motivation, innovation, expansion of your impact.
  • Discover your unique gifts and strengths and how they apply in your workplace.
  • Identify a unique spiritual warfare plan aligned to their unique battle. Learn Spiritual Warfare Strategies, tips tools to prepare ahead of time and be victorious
  • Rediscover your unique call and re- ignite the fervor when God initially called you!
  • *Bonus* Become a prayer warrior for your business and or ministry (Learn how to spiritually cover and protect your work)
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