Become a Confident Catholic Mentor

Learn skills and gain resources in Catholic accompaniment that get people engaged, maximizes your impact, and guards against burnout.

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Whether you're formally working as a mentor, in ministry, or simply a person who feels called to accompany others, have you ever felt...

  • Like you see so much potential in others, but aren’t sure how to help them reach it?
  • Annoyed that you are more engaged than your mentees in their own growth?
  • Like an imposter who is winging it every time you're with a mentee?
  • Irritated that your mentees aren’t listening to your advice?
  • Overwhelmed because you don’t know how to set and keep boundaries?
  • Frustrated that your mentees just aren’t getting better?
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We get you. It's not like we come out of the womb knowing how to do this mentor and accompaniment thing flawlessly!
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What’s more…

  • Maybe you’ve read the books and learned the theology, but still struggle to make it practical.
  • You’ve tried sharing your own story and what worked for you, but that’s not working for them.
  • You’ve tried a “tough love” approach to get them into action, but it’s hit or miss at best.
  • You’ve tried mimicking someone else’s mentor style, but it feels inauthentic.
There is a reason why so many people feel drained, frustrated, and burnt out from accompanying others.
But what if that didn't have to be you...

What if...

  • You could offer mentees a clear path to unlock their God-given mission
  • You knew the psychology behind ethical influencing so you can help mentees get motivated and take action.
  • You had a clear and repeatable process to mentor effectively so you could stop feeling confused and stay focused.
  • You had an approach that was less about how much you know and more about the mentee and God’s work in their life.
  • You knew how to set and keep healthy boundaries so that you can avoid burnout and help mentees take responsibility.
  • Regardless of your mentee’s ultimate decisions and results, you could still feel free to love and accompany them going forward.
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Metanoia Catholic’s Mentorship Training


Gain skills in active listening, holding the space, and mentoring.


Learn a simple discernment process to walk others through.


Become a guide that discerns well and helps others do the same.

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"I thoroughly enjoyed this mentorship training.  

In fact I've already been mentoring two people within my parish using the materials provided and they are finding it very helpful.  

I really feel like I can take this information to people within my community and parish to help them discern and discover their uniqueness and to step more fully into what God is calling them to.  

The worksheets provide me with the tools I need to walk clients through this process. The Discernment Guide that Metanoia Catholic provided is my favorite tool from the course and I use this daily in my own life!  

The practical application sessions were great - explaining a process and showing a process are very different and seeing it 'live' was so much more helpful. I'm excited for more offerings like this moving forward."

Sharon Murphy

By enrolling in Metanoia Mentor Training, you get:

LESSON 1: Active Listening

An interactive lesson designed to teach and train mentors the necessary skill of active listening.

LESSON 2: Holding Space

An interactive lesson designed to teach and train mentors the necessary skill of holding the space for their mentees.

LESSON 3: Locus of Control

An interactive lesson that helps mentors grow in the skill of identifying what is inside and outside of their locus of control and responsibilities as a mentor.

LESSON 4: Discovering Your Prayer Place

Since relationship with Christ is at the core of discernment this exercise has been designed to help mentees encounter Christ in meditative prayer that is prompted by the mentee’s unique sensory preference and experiences.

LESSON 5: What Do You Seek?

An exercise that is designed to help the mentor and mentee explore their interests, talents, gifts, and current mission. The goal of this exercise is to excavate their God-given Mission statement that may have been hidden within plainsight.

LESSON 6: Discern Your Desire

An exercise that is designed to help the mentor and mentee discern their initial responses to their desires. The mentors will learn how to use the Metanoia Catholic Discernment Guide has been designed to simplify this discernment process.

LESSON 7: Discern Your Thoughts About Your Desire

An exercise that is designed to help the mentors and mentees discern their initial thoughts and judgments about your desires.

LESSON 8: Discern Your Intentions

An exercise that is designed to help the mentors and mentees discern their intentions and reasons for their desires.

LESSON 9: Core Values & Desire to Actions

An exercise that will help the mentor and mentees identify their personal Core Values with clear description statements. Core Values address the question, “How do I operate?” Followed by an exercise that is designed to help to turn the desires into actions.

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By enrolling in Metanoia Mentor Training, you get:
  • Immediate access to 9 mentor training lessons
  • Downloadable Leader Guides and Worksheets to use and to share
  • Access to 12 live cohort practical application sessions for mastering skills
  • Instant access to our online Mentor community forum for connecting and collaborating
Plus - We offer Opportunities to Get Coached
As a bonus, your enrollment includes a one-month free trial to Academy+, our online community with access to group and 1:1 coaching opportunities.
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Say goodbye to...

  • Dragging mentees along
  • Exhaustion from trying to fix everyone’s problems
  • Feeling stuck figuring out mentorship on your own.

Start enjoying...

  • A more effective way to engage and motivate mentees
  • Clear boundaries that keep peace and accountability
  • More confidence from a sound Catholic mentor process
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Live Practical Application Sessions run weekly.

On top of our 9 recorded lessons, we have 12 weekly interactive 1-hour live practical application sessions (Wednesdays from 9:30 - 11AM ET) where we give you the chance to learn and practice the news skills that we teach you. Replays will be made available!

Certificate of Completion
Upon course completion, we offer a certificate of completion to share with your leadership and ministry team.
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"I think the mentorship training is a valuable resource. The provided worksheets really help guide a mentee to discover their intentions and desires."

Alanna Burg
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Are you operating under church approval?

Yes! We have been approved to operate by our local ordinary (bishop).

What makes your coaching “Catholic”?

We ground our teaching in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and are committed to teaching only what it is in line with the Magisterium. Our coaching model includes God in your pursuit of goodness, because we believe that true Beatitude (our ultimate goal of supreme happiness) is only attainable through virtue and grace. God is the only author of good, and our purpose is to know and choose God’s plan, not invent it. Finally, we recognize that self-development takes place in the context of a spiritual battle, so we equip our clients with the knowledge, tools, and resources of our Catholic faith to resist the enemy as they seek Beatitude.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

There is a lot of overlap between coaching and therapy, but here are three important distinctions. First, mental health practitioners can diagnose and treat mental illness, while coaches do not diagnose and treat mental illness. Second, coaches and therapists work with different people on the spectrum of mental health. Therapists work with people who are mentally ill or living below a baseline of what is considered to be mentally healthy (though they can also work with healthy people who desire greater wellness), while coaches help people who are mentally healthy (at or above baseline) achieve greater wellness. Third, mental health professionals work with patients on past, present and sometimes future wellness, while coaches tend to focus on present and future wellness with a targeted goal in mind.

What is the difference between coaching and spiritual direction?

Coaching focuses on human formation, such as helping clients work toward a noble material goal or increase in acquired virtue. Spiritual direction focuses on developing a person’s prayer life and relationship with God. Coaches typically meet with clients more frequently (daily, weekly or biweekly) while spiritual directors typically meet less frequently (6-8 weeks). The coaching relationship is typically focused on short-term goals with a finite end, while spiritual direction is long-standing and may span the life of the director or directee. Coaching and spiritual direction can work effectively in conjunction with each other.

Is there a minimum age to participate?

Yes. Per our terms and conditions all participants in MCA must be at least 18 years of age to join. 

Is there a free trial available?

While we offer a free Entry Access level of our Academy, we also offer a 7-Day free trial for our Level 1 - Student Access.

Is it easy to cancel?

For purchases made through the Apple Store, you can easily cancel your subscription within you Apple Store App. You can choose to leave the community and cancel a subscription by logging into your account on web and going to your Profile Image > Personal Settings > Account > Deactivate My Account. On the Android app, you can go to Personal Settings > Account > Deactivate My Account > Confirmation.