Marriage Coach for Husbands; Mission & Leadership Strategist for Men

While I’m a general mindset coach who is trained to help out with a number of different needs, I specialize in helping Catholic men grow in virtue and become mission-focused. I guide them in overcoming bad habits and developing virtuous habits that enable success in their personal mission as Catholic husbands and fathers.

Marriage Coach for Husbands; Mission and Leadership Strategist for Men

Marty Thompson


Hello! My name is Marty Thompson. I live in North Texas with my wife and four boys. I graduated with a Theology degree from Holy Apostle Catholic College and Seminary in 2020. I am currently working towards my MA in Pastoral Counseling with Holy Apostles. I received a coaching certification from The John Maxwell Team in 2020. I also received a Catholic coaching certification from Metanoia Catholic in 2022. I’ve been personally involved with 12 Step recovery for 23 years, including 3 years with Catholic in Recovery.

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You know how good Catholic men are struggling to find balance and order in their mission and leadership as a husband and father? Many are struggling with bad habits and even habitual sin that is causing problems and disorder. Many have tried counseling, spiritual direction, frequenting the Sacraments, reading good Catholic content with little or no lasting progress. The problem is not their faith, it’s also a lack of human formation and clarity of their mission as the spiritual leader, protector, and provider of their family. Men are not robots or pets to be trained. They are created and ordered to freely choose their own thoughts/beliefs, emotions, and actions that lead to habits, either good or bad, vicious (vice) or virtuous (virtue).  As a Catholic Marriage Coach and Mission/Leadership Strategist I help men develop virtuous habits and a clear mission that will equip them for consistent and lasting results to be an effective leader, protector, and provider for their family.

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