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Attention College Students!

The enemy is working overtime to disrupt your mental health and keep you from accomplishing God’s will. The mental health crisis for college-aged youth is widely documented and the picture is concerning.

A recent survey of Americans considering higher education found that self-doubt was one of the top three barriers to enrollment, alongside ‘competing obligations and logistics’ and ‘cost.’

Ironically, self-doubt is the barrier most within students’ locus of control. When self-doubt is not addressed, it can lead students to avoid more rigorous academic programs or dissuade them from applying to graduate or professional school. Self-doubt and imposter syndrome can limit job prospects, career satisfaction, and lifelong earning potential.

Just as concerning is the number of young people who are leaving our Catholic faith.

Almost 80 percent of those who leave Catholicism do so by the age of 23. Many who leave become “nones” with no particular religious affiliation or belief in God.

As a Certified Catholic Mindset Coach and founder of Knots Untied Coaching, my aim is to help college students embrace Catholicism as an essential element to success in their educational journey. With over 30 years of teaching and advising students on college campuses, I’m very familiar with the challenges students face. As someone who was a first-generation college student, a traditional age graduate student, and a mid-life doctoral student, I help students overcome the mental taunts of the enemy and infuse virtuous living into their collegiate environment.

Our world needs more faith-filled, ambitious Catholics in leadership positions in every industry! With the infusion of AI technology into our daily lives, humans are entering a new Attention Economy.

The Attention Economy trains us to combat loneliness with scrolling, boredom with digital content, and real-world connections with disembodied virtual assistants. College-aged people are the front lines of the battlefield for our minds… but all of us are touched.

It’s so important for Catholics to focus our attention on God’s desire for us to develop healthy and holy habits and freedom through virtuous living. I care deeply about the future of our world and the futures of the young people who will lead it.

In September 2023, I will launch my first virtual collegiate success program. The 12-week “Fearful to Fruitful” workshop will help college students learn to strengthen their interior life, overcome obstacles to success, and live lives of virtue. Go to to register. You can also follow my podcast Catholics on Campus to learn a variety of success strategies to help you live happy, healthy and holy lives.