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Start creating more impact immediately by doing this one thing

Do you feel like you have big things to offer the world, but you just can’t seem to get traction on anything? Do you have a deep desire to make a meaningful contribution, but you don’t see that legacy taking much shape right now?

Changing this one thing might be the game-changer for you.

Broadly speaking, we can divide all our activities into two main categories: learning and implementing.

“Learning” can encompass praying and ‘learning’ God’s will: taking a course, reading a book, evaluating a previous action, etc.

“Implementing” is any specific action you take as a result of that learning, to incarnate it in your life through application.

Here’s the key:

The smaller the gap between learning and implementing, the bigger the impact.

The bigger the time delay between learning something in a class and applying it, the more chance you have to forget things.

The longer you wait after you have discerned God asking you to take a certain step, the more time there is to get back into confusion, to be tempted or distracted in another direction, or to lose your strong conviction and purpose behind why you want to do it.

If you read an entire book and then implement one thing, it has nowhere near the same impact it would if you implemented one thing after you read each chapter.

When we delay taking action, we also delay the compounding effects available to us if we take action, learn from it, implement again from those lessons, learn again, implement again based on those lessons, etc.

Imagine this:

Person ‘A’ takes one step forward towards their goal over the course of a 30 day time frame. Maybe it’s even a “big” step, and they feel really proud that they worked themselves up to do it because it was scary and overwhelming.

Person ‘B’ takes one small, doable step forward every single day for 30 days. She learns from every single action and implements her lessons the next day. She is taking it all to prayer the whole time, it’s all part of her ongoing dialogue and intimate relationship with the Lord. She rarely gets overwhelmed because she always chooses small, doable actions.

Who has created more impact in their life after those 30 days? Person ‘B’ of course.

Here’s the best news, Metanoia readers: this is what determines how long these gaps are.

Most fundamentally, it’s your mindset.

It’s your thoughts about your goal.

It’s your thoughts about yourself.

It’s your thoughts about the action.

It’s your thoughts about fear and failure.

It’s your ability to manage your emotions.

It’s your ability and willingness to feel negative emotion.

This is the biggest determining factor for how long it takes you to go from knowledge to application.

And then from repeated application and learning, to mastery and creating your legacy.

The best hack for moving the needle forward faster?

Get coached!

It will help you clean up your thinking, find the thoughts that are slowing you down, and go co-create your unique impact in the world with the Lord!