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When We Are Blind

I had this very funny experience recently. Well, it was kind of funny!

My sister was home visiting and my family, so my mum, brother and sister all had dinner in our house before my sister headed to the airport for her flight back to the UK.  My brother was taking my mum home, and then onwards to the airport with my sister.  We said our goodbyes and waved them off at the door.

As I returned back into the kitchen, there on the counter was my sister’s phone. Knowing that her boarding cards were on her phone and her bank cards in the phone case, so with panic rising within me, I quickly picked up my phone and rang my brother to say come back because Pauline had left her phone behind.

The strangest thing happened, as I rang my brother’s phone, the phone on the kitchen counter began to ring, I quickly answered it and without really listening, and shouted over the background noise in our house, “Yes, yes Pauline’s phone is here, come for it now.”  With all the noise I couldn’t quite hear the reply but was satisfied that I’d gotten the message across, so the panic subsided and I went to the front door to wait for them to return so I could run out quickly and give them the phone.

A couple of minutes turned to five and then to eight, and then the worrying feeling began to rise again. Where are they? What’s happened? They should be here by now!  So I decided to ring my brother again, just to find out what was keeping them – and as I rang my brother, the strangest thing happened again, my sister’s phone rang again, answering that phone convinced it was my brother phoning to say they were on the way, again the signal wasn’t very clear but I mumbled something about are you on your way, to which I was convinced I heard yes, so I hung up both phones and waited patiently again.

More time passed as I stood in the stillness of the night, listening for the sound of the car. I began to wonder, isn’t it odd that at exactly the same time that I phoned my brother, he was phoning me? It is even more odd that they are not here yet, and so for the first time, I started to really look at the phone I was holding. As I opened the phone case, I saw a driving license sticking out. Pulling it out to read the name, as we say here in Ireland, the penny dropped. Everything became clear!

It was not my sister’s phone, but my brother’s phone that I was holding and that is why each time I phoned him the phone rang. It’s also why I couldn’t hear clearly because of the feedback between the two phones. Feeling very foolish, I then had to phone my sister, thankfully she had her phone and so would make her flight, but my poor brother had to return to our house, after leaving Pauline at the airport and then go home – adding about an hour to his journey!

The next day, as I reflected on the whole incident, I began to wonder, are there areas in my life where I’ve convinced myself that something is different to what it really is? Perhaps a belief about who I am and what I can or can’t do? Or a belief about God and who He is for me? Or about a relationship?

Taking time with the journal and reflecting brought a couple of beliefs to mind that when I took time to really bring them into the light of truth, I could see they weren’t true, the truth was the opposite of what I had been believing.

So my encouragement to you, is to take a few moments, take a deep breath, sit quietly and just ask Jesus if there is an area he wants to bring light to, particularly if there is an area where you feel panic, or fear, or stuck, is there a new perspective he wants to give you?  Is the belief you are hanging onto really true?

And ask yourself, are you ready for the new perspective?  

Combining my Metanoia Catholic and Strengthsfinder training with my Diploma in Coaching with Neuroscience, I love partnering with my clients in an open, non-judgmental, and confidential space to create new perspectives that help them become unstuck, maximize their potential, improve their self-confidence and fulfill their unique calling.

Using my skills of active listening, powerful questioning, and curiosity, I aim to create a space where my clients can explore and find their own answers because each of us are the author and expert of our own story.

Are you ready to start living in this joyful reality with me?